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Exhibitor profile*
*Check all of the associations to which you belong.
Member of Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA)
Member of Japan Photo and Video Accessory Association
Exhibition booth*
for member of organizer/sponsor group for non-members
Number of booth lot(s) applied for*
Number of booth lots applied for above 41 booths
*If you wish to exhibit more than 100 booths, please contact the CP+ Division before completing this application form.
Exhibition fee
(for members of the organizer/sponsor group)
*The exhibition fee per booth lot for members of the organizer/sponsor groups is as follows:
353,000yen/lot (excluding tax) for 1-4 lots
320,000yen/lot (excluding tax) for 6 or more lots
yen (excluding tax)
*Fees do not include 8% consumption tax
Exhibition fee
(for non-members)
*The exhibition fee per booth lot for general exhibitors is as follows:
379,000yen/lot (excluding tax) for 1-4 lots
345,000yen/lot (excluding tax) for 6 or more lots
yen (excluding tax)
*Fees do not include 8% consumption tax
Exhibit zone*
*You may split your exhibition into multiple zones.
If you choose to split your exhibition into multiple zones, please submit a separate application for each desired zone.
Camera & Accessory Zone
Printing Zone
Telescope & Binocular Zone
Main exhibit products*
*Please fill in one product at least. All information provided here will not be published in printed materials, website, and other media.

Exhibitor's Information
*Unless otherwise specified, all invoices and other notifications will be sent to the contact information provided here.

About your company/organization
Name of the exhibitor*
incl. legal form, e.g. CP Plus Co., Ltd.
Company representative*
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e.g. Robert Capa
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Country / Area*
Person in charge*
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e.g. Annie Liebovitz
e.g. Sales Division
e.g. Manager
Phone number*
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Fax number
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Email address*
e.g. user@cpplus.jp
* Email addresses are often entered incorrectly. Please be sure to enter your email address correctly.
Email address
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Participation of co-exhibitor(s)
*Enter your co-exhibitor's name(s), if applicable.

Exhibitor's Name for Publication

This is the name that will be used consistently when referring to your organization in the list of exhibitors and all other publications relating to CP+2018. (Brand names are also acceptable as exhibitors' names.)
Please pay attention to the exact wording of your corporate name such as spacing, capitalization, whether you wish to use single-byte or double-byte characters, etc.
If you also want us to include the name(s) of any of your joint exhibitor(s), place a slash (/) between the names of main exhibitor and joint exhibitor(s) in the field provided below.
e.g. ABC Inc./DEF Co., Ltd./GHI Pvt. Ltd.

Exhibitor's name to be publicized*

Contact Person for CP+ Division

Contact person for CP+ Division*
Same as the person in charge of the exhibition
Different from the person in charge of the exhibition
Only if the contact person and the person in charge of the exhibition are different, please complete the following form.

Invoicing and Mailing Address

Invoicing and mailing address*
Same as the person in charge of the exhibition
Same as the contact person for CP+ Division
Address the invoice to another person
*Only if the invoicing and mailing addresses are different, please complete the following form.

Terms and Conditions

comply with the terms and conditions stated in the CP+2018 Exhibit Regulations.

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